Predicting Your Year 


Annual Profections

Annual Profections is an ancient Hellenistic astrology timing technique used during the ancient Greco-Roman times. Based on a person's age, an Annual Profections Wheel is used to determine some of the primary themes that will arise during any given year. 

A similar and also easy numerology timing technique is called the Age Digit. The Age Digit isn't always forcibly felt, yet strangely, it is a fantastic indicator of your focus of attention during any given year. The Age Digit is determined by adding your present age to the age you will be next year. 

For example: If you are age 32 now and will be 33 before year-end, add 32 + 33 and reduce to a single digit. 


32 + 33 = 65 = 6 + 5 = 11/2

Your Age Digit :11/2


In addition to the single-digit, have knowledge of the compound digit. The compound digits reveal the underlying forces behind the single-digit during that particular year. As would be expected, based on the single digit, the general yearly theme is more or less the same; but in keeping with the compound digit, the matters at hand differ for each age grouping.


65: Until your upcoming birthday, you can be overly focused on a new enterprise or key position and thus, concerned with forming friendships and close working relationships to obtain influence, prominence, material success, and movement forward in your life's work.


Also, be mindful of the fact that ages that reduce to Master 11 are more unpredictable with much more nervous tension and emotional stress.


Your Age Digit alternates every four years between an odd and an even number. 


Ages that add up to odd numbers are times of inward-looking and considerable times when you may lack interest in social interactions. In the general run of things, during odd number periods, you are genuinely concerned with yourself or an important project or matter. 


Ages that add to even numbers are periods wherein you are more outgoing and socially confident. In the general run of things, during even number periods, other people, collaborative partnerships, outside influences, and social networking are foremost in your life.


Remember, several cycles are occurring simultaneously. Together, your Personal Year, Transits and Age Digit can bring to light many primary themes about your year.