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2022 is here! Everyone heartily enjoyed the freeing energies of 2021. Sports and entertainment venues and airports were packed to capacity. In the present twelve-month climate and amid the joys and unimaginable pains that the year will bring, humanity is pushed to put a lot more concerted effort, neighborliness and thoughtfulness into the family, kids, an elderly parent or relative, local community, country and other meaningful relationships. As we draw closer to the end of 2022, maintaining emotional balance is crucial.

Because Master 22 is bringing up the rear, I am appropriately calling 2022 a MASTER YEARMaster Years ARE NOT easy years, they are always more intense. Think back to 2011, Universal Year 13/4; Master Year 11 brought up the rear. How was this year for you? 2009 (2+0+0+9) and 1993 (1+9+9+3) were also a Master's Year.  


Up until roughly April 2022, there is an appreciable amount of people relocating in their own country; one neighborhood to another neighborhood, one state to another state. Unfortunately, we are emotionally, mentally and physically drained by August 2022. Thus, 2023 is a time of reflection and serious thought about the future. Although 2022 is another tough year, family, friends, community, nonprofit and charity organizations, and governments will ensure that everyone has what they need to have a sense of self-worth, decency. 


Beginning around April  2022, everyone's emotions are heightened which causes contention, but also mutual support, public-spiritedness.


More often than not, in the Universal Year 6, people with money to burn will seek comfort, and so their expenses go up. These people can be wastefully extravagant on beauty, dining out, kids' education and housing and property that is indulgently pleasant. On the other hand, for ordinary people, impoverishment shifts upward and so food insecurity, the lack of affordable housing, homelessness, etc. is a problem. There's more unemployment because many restaurant and service jobs will not come back. Fortunately in 2022, a lot of charitable organizations and local communities will make a greater effort to deliver essential human services to those who are least able to help themselves. 


Federal Emergency Funds made available to help citizens respond to and recover from natural disasters are depleted.


Numbers 6 and 9 are both concerned with people's welfare, and the alleviation of suffering. In Directive Cycle 9 and Universal Year 6, the basic welfare of women, children, the elderly and the sick is of the utmost importance. Federal and state governments, local communities and numerous charitable organizations place a high priority on matters related to the impoverished and people with failing health. Particularly long-term failing or poor health due to COVID and cancer.

Every year, January and February are important periods.  In these two months, everyone reaps the benefits or shortcomings of their previous year's efforts. This year on account of 5, change in January and February is sweeping and intense. In just these two months alone, your life could be forever changed.


6 is conservative, obstinate, and meddlesome; therein lies the potential problems in the coming months. 6 has keen regard for its own country, Protect and Serve. For this reason, governments are safeguarding and putting more focused attention is on its native land! Places in the United States to watch in 2022. For people in general, it's a year of self-preservation. 6 rules housing and so, I suspect we'll see more than usual property damages in 2022. Whether it's due to flooding, earthquakes, hurricanes, wildfires, volcanoes, or something else, property losses are considerable.


All things considered, 2022 is a family and friendship year so expect to be part of many wonderful celebrations.


As well, neighbors and people in the community will see and interact with each other a lot more than usual. From late September 2021 up until roughly June 2022, there's an increase in marriages, engagements, weddings, family reunions, having kids, and the building, renovating, selling, or buying a home.


Throughout the year, many funerals bring close and distant relatives together. Inheritance is ruled by 6, a few lives are changed forever because of inheritance of property or money or simply changed due to the loss of life.


In Universal Year 6, love is in the air! Although there is a significant increase in divorces this year, there's a very good possibility that single people will meet a love interest. If you do meet someone, don't forget that right now relationships take a lot of work and self-reflection; for this reason, most relationships won't make it to the finish line. Remember we're an 'ending cycle so, it is hard to have firm footing with anything new. If you want to make it to the finish line with a new relationship, I encourage you to consciously turn the page on your old ways of relating to others.


6 is symbolic of the heart, we could see even further advancements in heart surgery/treatment.


Don't be surprised if one or more of your favorite YouTube channels and certainly many other YouTube channels and broadcast television and radio networks highlight meal preparations and space-saving solutions for enthusiastic gardeners who live in modest apartments, townhomes, and other dwellings with limited porch space.

Between April and August, the use of dating apps soars.


Health and hospitals are indicative of 6; amid COVID expect considerable deliberations on healthcare in the United States. Also many new favorable technical advances and changes in hospital policies, procedures, and the operation of nursing homes. During the continued course of COVID, in 2022, many more conflicts and changes surround primary education and teachers. Homelessness climbs sharply, forcing states, communities, and volunteers to come up with creative solutions. Community food banks, public housing, affordable housing, homelessness are all potential issues that are heavily debated in 2022. Real estate brokerages are likely in the media spotlight. 


In 2022, keep an eye for possible trouble on the seas.

Although not apparent for several more years, originating out of 2022 (2), is an ongoing explosion of changes and advancements worldwide in banking, currency, space science, solar power systems, biological engineering, electrical trucks/cars, medicine, travel, electronic devices, microchip technology, music, fine machinery, brain surgery. By 2030 the world is a very different place!

In 2022, there is a top-priority, wide-ranging project, humanitarian crisis, agreement, or major event that is likely intercontinental. 


In the United States, one of the central, most important projects in 2022 is the rollout of the super colossal $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill that will rebuild the nation's roads and bridges, expand trains, internet access, provide clean drinking water, and other projects. In all reasonable probability, the improvements are not evident until 2027.



1940 through 1949 was the "nineteen-forties" decade, commonly abbreviated as "the 40s." Key aspects established by 4 were the military, debilitating poverty, mentally exhausting and physically taxing jobs. Also present was divine consciousness and protection of the zero. Looking back to 1941, World War II overshadowed many of the events that were taking place. Due to deteriorating diplomatic relations, on December 7, 1941, a surprise attack on a US naval base in Hawaii (Pearl Harbor) started the war between the United States and Japan, marking the United States' formal entry into World War II. This was a critical juncture for the United States; hence, in 2022, Universal Year 24/6, another critical juncture.


Based on historical events of 1941, in late 2022, look for disagreements, posturing, and even military confrontations among countries. The situation with China and Taiwan or Russia and Ukraine can get really serious.



Times were different back then! Instantly you should notice the two 1's in the calendar year 1941. In 1941 there was a specific need to stand your ground, be forceful, courageous, pioneering, understanding (9) and hardworking (4). Unlike 1941, the calendar year 2022 is made up of three 2's; powerfully suggesting more harmony and balance and a greater desire to unite all entities to achieve the greater good of all. This doesn't preclude the fact that 2, also causes underhandedness, lack of courage/confidence, over sensitivity, and disputes.

2020 through 2029 is the "twenty-twenties" decade, commonly abbreviated as the '20s. Once again established by zero, there is divine consciousness and protection. Key aspects likely established by 2 are things having to do with banking, science, the arts, medicine, diplomacy, electricity, psychology and especially advancements in things having to do with the mind.


When you look at the year 2022 what should instantly catch your eye is the three 2's that make up the calendar year.  As if that isn't enough, 2 adds a considerable feminine and comradeship quality to the year. Look for women to play a big part in business, government, military, educational establishments, community projects/programs and laying the foundation for a level of economic security for families and kids. 

More and more crowdfunding platforms are used to raise money for various social concerns.


2 may perhaps indicate an uncommonly, never-before-seen feminine force. For this reason, expect more women in leadership roles, more women in the media spotlight and an explosion of changes in leadership and power that continues throughout the 2020s decade. In a nutshell, as of 2022, more and more women will excel, shine and improve their position! The number of women in Congress will climb after the 2022 United States elections on Tuesday, November 8, 2022.


Women too will grab the media spotlight for sinister, never-before-seen things.


There's an increase in the murders of women and children and a rise in domestic violence and shootings at schools for the primary education of children. We may perhaps see more than usual young girls killed in school shootings and at group gatherings. Many people will suffer the loss of their mother, grandmother or have the burden of caring for or supporting a loved one through a challenging period in their life. On account of 6, many mothers and daughters can be at odds with each other.


The three 2's also suggests that most situations during the year require diplomacy, being able to relate to other people and being willing to make great sacrifices for the sake of peace and harmony. We should see an increase in diplomatic cooperation; which perhaps results in a signed epic-making treaty of sorts. In 2022, there are a lot of group activities and one's community will get a lot of focused attention from its habitants. We'll start to see that the future needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. With everything going on (inflation, food insecurity, a looming housing and evictions crisis, etc.) community involvement and volunteer work are increasingly more important. 


On the other side of the coin, 2 can produce feebleness, change, and indecisiveness. Nevertheless, chief events of 2022 will encourage humanity to "gather in" to be more cooperative, considerate, diplomatic, tactful and patient. And because 2022 is a Master Year, many of these valuable lessons are undoubtedly learned harshly as a direct consequence of our family, friends, kids, local community and country. 


2 represents two parts. To stay on top of the changing times and changing regulations, in the next eight years, look for several more companies to split into two separate companies and also a couple of mergers.

2 represents "gathering in," hence, a big group dynamics in 2022; particularly among women. Expect to see many new networking groups and other groups that are intended to be supportive, educational, fun and enriching for women and young girls. This is a time of all-inclusiveness and so, in 2022 actions accelerate for women's equality. 


2022 adds to 24/6 and so, during the year, it is increasingly more important to effectively balance relationships (2), family (6) and work (4).

In 2022, homegrown terrorism, the running of a home, family relations, particular jurisdictions, and governments are all under critical observation. As of October 2022, the world finally arrives at the doorstep of change!  A magnifying glass is hovered on many possible things, shattering illusions and grandiose delusions. Globally from 2023-2026, we'll witness unbelievable transformations in big businesses, governments and the way we work and traditionally live.


Sorry to say, getting through the next sixty months is no easy task. Recognizing what's on the horizon specifically for you will help! In light of all that will be going on, focus on what you can control yourself. The world will continue to be a chaotic place and one person can't change this singlehandedly or control external events. However, together with each other, we can make it through! In 2022, the climatic/environmental changes, natural disasters, sicknesses, savage murders, deaths of loved ones, homegrown terrorism, etc. will aid in the realization of how much we need each other.


All our actions over the years have consequences and so, in 2023, past karma comes home to roost. By 2030 life in this world is very different.


In all reasonable probability, 2022 is a helluva year for Personal Year 1, Personal Year 2,  There's a lack of support for 1 and 2; therefore, not a very auspicious year for you. Problems and obstacles are not easily solved. Personal Year 9, you are tremendously emotional in 2022 and Personal Year 3, more than the usual jealousy in 2022. As one would expect, in Personal Year 6 and Pinnacle 6 you are hard at it all year long with family, health, money and/or housing matters. If born in March or October, in 2022 you too are busy as a beaver. If born in March or October, expect to deal with housing and financial matters and perhaps conflicts at home, with a marriage, love relationship, or your place of work. 

Many well-knowns with a Life Number 6 or 6 Born are in the media spotlight.


Broadly speaking, people born in January or February will notice that it takes a lot more effort to get the same results. Again, broadly speaking, in 2022, people born in May have a better than average chance of finding love, getting pregnant or getting engaged/married. To a lesser degree in 2022, folks with the first name letter (Cornerstone) B, T, F, O, X can have interactions with life partners, family, kids, roommates and friends that are complicated. 


When you have a major number or cycle aligned with the Universal Year, you get a big dose of its distinguishing characteristics that can either create obstacles and setbacks or be a magic bullet. 

2022 is life-changing for many 6 Born, born on the 6, 15, 24th of any month, and those of you whose numerology blueprint is heavily studded with 6. Many of you will relocate in the coming months or build, sell, renovate or buy a home. You will marry, divorce, have kids, or have some other responsibility. 


It behooves everyone to remember that this current Directive Cycle is intended to subtly alter personal and professional lives to a pivotal point where nothing is the same ever again. 

By now, I am sounding like a scratched record! Health - Health - Health; nevertheless,  HEALTH in 2022 is a serious issue for many 6 Born, Personal Year 6, Pinnacle 6, Life Number 6 and people born in June or July. Taking all things into consideration, at some point between October 2021 and November 2022, there might be a burden either due to your own health or the health of an elderly, injured or sick family member. Also, as a general rule, in the Personal Year 4 and Personal Year 7, people often struggle with their health. Personal Year 4, there could be a change in your health as early as January. Personal Year 7, there could be a change in your health in July.


My numeric opinion is that in 2020 we started a brutal six-year period in what I have dubbed a ‘health’ cycle. It's going to be unbelievable the number of people diagnosed with diseases/illnesses and the amount people that die from their illness before 2026. In consequence of 2 and 6, 2022 is a harsh year for illnesses and deaths of women, kids, and the elderly.

For folks with a major 6 and/or in 6 cycles, relationships whether family, kids, love, sibling, or friendships are at the heart of everything this year; therefore, integral to your wellbeing.


On the other side of the picture, 5 will likely enjoy a fantastic year! 2021 wasn't a total washout for 5, but it clearly wasn't the best year. Because 5 is the bosom buddy of 6, luck changes in 2022. Giant steps forward can be made in February, August, September and November 2022. Timing Is Everything! If you are adequately prepared, you can move forward in leaps and bounds and get all the attention this year!  



In closing, important factors in 2022 are everyone's ability to compromise and put their own needs on the back burner. Don't lose sight of the fact that we are in a time of healing and uprooting and so, for everyone in 2022, there could be old family issues, old love relationships, hurts, or dirty hidden secrets that are drugged up to finally be put to rest. In a nutshell, you have inner work to do!

My numeric perspective is that going back to 2016, anything that came into existence from that year forward will take until late 2025 or early 2026 to resolve. In 2023, there is a judgment or decision on several pending matters. Having said that continue to hunker down and do your part with regards to COVID to keep yourself healthy and your immune system strong. In every part of the world, there is a backward and forward with COVID variants and likely new and improved treatments and a lot more scientific research in 2023. COVID is probably less deadly, but unfortunately for a while longer, we have to learn to live with this contagious disease.


As aforesaid, these aren't easy times! In your personal and professional life, you have to take a risk and be willing to open brand new doors, be open to new possibilities! In 2022, you will gain a new perspective on intimate relationships, living quarters, comfort levels, and work. Most of us can't see it yet, but when we all look back we'll see that the irksome changes we had to go through changed our lives for the better.

Having said all that, in 2022 it is imperative that you are prepared and also willing to sacrifice considerable time to help your family, friends, neighbors, community, or country.

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