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Numerology is a valuable resource to aid you in mapping your incredible journey through life. What people typically don't want to face is the apparent truth about their retirement years. If you're expecting some good news or pondering what the possible future holds for you specifically, these quick tips can help you realistically prepare for life after you retire. More importantly, as you continue your journey, remember to relax, take a deep breath, and appreciate who you are and where you are today!  In welcome additionWhere Am I and Time To Think About Success circumstantiates the possible direction your life might take.  

Keep in mind, transits accurately describe a substantial part of your unique life experiences. Despite the Harvest Year or Final Pinnacle, transits can be the cause of more demanding years or years with fewer pressures.

Your Harvest Cycle and Final Pinnacle work in partnership. The Harvest Cycle is what's promised to you, and the Final Pinnacle is your predestined experiences, the prevailing circumstances you must react to during the course of the Harvest Cycle.


Ordinarily, the Harvest Year and Final Pinnacle are completely different. However, the specific exception is people born in September; if you are born in September, your Harvest Cycle and Final Pinnacle numbers are the same. 


From a material position 2, 3, 6 and 9 have fewer worries, however, these Harvest Years and Pinnacles are incredibly emotional. 6 and 9 typically have periodic or long-term responsibility for someones. Whether it is one's community, nation, or family; 6 and 9 look after others; as a consequence, receive the help and resources needed to maintain their livelihood.


All things considered after you retire, Harvest Year 3 and Pinnacle 3 ordinarily require the least concerted effort to have the most enjoyable life. Harvest Year 3 and Final Pinnacle 3 can produce a very comfortable life after one retiresHarvest Year 3 promises and Pinnacle 3 encourages relaxation, enjoying friends, domestic and international travel, and the opportunity to do things merely for pleasure or entertainment. Instinctively there is overindulgence and not being concerned with how much you spend. Come what may, this is a considerable time of freedom from worry about everyday things, and a time when creative talents usually flourish and one's libido is turbo-charged! 


Of course, not many people in a Harvest Year 3 or Pinnacle 3 retire comfortably well off or with ample retirement benefits.  Typically, most people receive government benefits that help pay for food, housing, health care, and other basic living expenses. Additionally, periods of leisure and recreation, especially involving travel and other pleasurable activities are typically financed by dear friends, social groups, and love ones.


Hand in hand, your Harvest Year and Pinnacle characterize how easy life will realistically be.

Frequently, Harvest Year 20/2 overlays a Final Pinnacle 3. In a similar manner to 3, Harvest Year 20/2 prophecies a settled, easygoing life after one retires. 20 promises social activities, short-distance travel, and mutual support from someone in particular, or people in general.


After one retires, the most changeable life is the Harvest Year 1 andor Final Pinnacle 1 and 5. Harvest Year and Final Pinnacle 1 and 5 DO NOT prophecy retirement. What's more, straitened circumstances are highly possible after one retires. If not careful, you can unexpectedly lack the means to provide for yourself. Contracts and employment are likely to unexpectedly change at any given time. One of the downsides of Harvest Year and Final Pinnacle 1 and 5 is that nothing is intended to remain unchanged.


On the other side of the coin, in a Harvest Year 5 or Final Pinnacle 5 you are susceptible to persistent addictions that disorganize or spoil your style of living. Typically, in a Harvest Year and Final Pinnacle 5, you can do as you genuinely please; enjoying the liberty to decide what to do day in and day out. More importantly, Harvest Year and Final Pinnacle 5 is extreme so after you retire there can be very great periods of impressive gains and long periods of considerable lack. Hence, how you manage your money is crucial to your economic livelihood! Moreover, boredom is a considerable problem that oftentimes causes addictions, impulsive changes, and unnecessary risk-taking. Insomnia is often a problem too! 

The most demanding life after one retires is the Harvest Year 4 and 8 or Final Pinnacle 4 and 8. Both cycles can cause mental or emotional stress, insecurity, and constant uncertainty concerning finances and personal property. After you retire, life has a very serious nature and at all times, you must be more accountable for your actions and inactions. Unless you enjoy working, Harvest Year and Pinnacle 4 and 8 can be exhausting. If you are a workaholic you have to be careful of running yourself into the ground.

In a Harvest Year and Final Pinnacle 8, your expenses are persistently large in amount; however, it is possible to comfortably retire off the generous benefits gained during the Productive Years. Usually, one's past achievements and established reputation makes it possible to earn needed money; but, work can be very physically and mentally demanding. Your end-of-life lessons are often harsh and will generally have to do with materialism, financial prudence, and/or your integrity. The long and short of it is, you usually have many financial liabilities so, how you manage your money is key.


In the Harvest Year 4 and Final Pinnacle 4, you typically have a modest salary or another source of income that is somewhat small so you need a solid budget. After retirement, you may rely on an employer-sponsored retirement plan. Often, the retirement benefits aren’t so great. In most instances, there is very little extra money on hand; and so, you will continue working to properly take care of your specific needs and/or those of your family. As often as not, there are health problems of your own or a loved one that add to your cost of living. If you don't put anything away for the rainy days, there is great potential for financial distress.


Harvest Year and Final Pinnacles 4, 5, and 8 tend to carry a lot of debt; if incautious, considerable debts can adversely impact your quality of life to an unhealthy degree. Unexpected expenses can often set you back financially.


The most self-contained life after one retires is Harvest Year 7 and Final Pinnacle 7. You lack interest or comfort in social interactions, fond of being on one's own, by oneself. Any slight adjustment in your environment is difficult because you typically prefer life to be unchanging. Very often to some possible extent after you retire,  frail health, remorse, depression, listlessness, and loneliness are recurrent issues. You may decide to work part-time continuing eagerly to do what is passionately loved from a home office. At some point, there are legal issues that quite often have to with your taxes, loans, debts, and investments, divorce, or lawlessness.

birthdays Final Pinnacle 3

March 1971; December 1971; February 1972; November 1972; January 1973; October 1973; April 1970; May 1969; June 1968; July 1967; August 1966;  September 1965; July 1958; January 1964; October 1964; April 1961; March 1962; December 1962

Harvest Year 3

1947; 1956; 1965; 1974; 1983; 1992