"Selfie," Your Self-Portrait

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Pathwaytohappiness.com writes, "We might quickly assume that we are self-aware, but it is helpful to have a relative scale for awareness. If you have ever been in an auto accident you may have experienced everything happening in slow motion and noticed details of your thought process and the event. This is a state of heightened awareness. With practice, we can learn to engage these types of heightened states and see new opportunities for interpretations in our thoughts, emotions, and conversations. Having awareness creates the opportunity to make changes in behavior and beliefs.




How do you perceive yourself to be? Your "Selfie" allows you to see your personality in its natural state and not the airbrushed version that you typically view of yourself. Remember, being more self-aware is the first step to self-awareness. Studying your "Selfie" can help you transcend your weaknesses and maximize your strengths; and thus, have a profound impact on your love life, work-life, and your success navigating your path to your professional truth.


There are no perfect people! The personalized numerology Pro Tips are NOT designed to predict or forecast things to come. Pro Tips provide excellent insight that will guide you in understanding your personality so that you make better choices that improve your entire life. It sounds obvious, but most of us are only too good at picking out our flaws or just the good points about ourselves. Your "Selfie," Self-Portrait provides invaluable pieces of insight into your personality. Your goal should be to positively express your core energies. As you become familiar with, and better understand your inherent nature, you become more secure in yourself.


Each number and letter has different characteristics and advantages; accordingly, each number and letter gives you the strengths and weaknesses which either improve or hinder change within yourself. Numerology can provide incredible keys to understanding yourself, but it doesn't necessarily provide clear and simplistic answers to any problems. The Letters and Numbers in your blueprint identify what you are "good at" but cannot specify without a doubt what you will choose to do, or how you will choose to react. For the most part, the changes and disruptions that occur in your life are initiated and approved by you, it isn't just a matter of outside circumstances happening at random.


Your “Selfie,” Self-Portrait will put in the picture,


  • How easily is your spiritual urge expressed through the inner self?

  • What you should aim to accomplish in life. Once this is mission is understood, accepted and met, there is less tension and potential to bring out the negative vibrations of the number

  • How do you direct your life, how do you uphold your responsibilities, use your abilities and react to day-to-day situations

  • Is there an overabundance or deficiency of energies and what that means

  • Most of the time, people know you on a first-name basis or another name you are most called by. How is your first name or called by name influencing your way of life?

  • Planes of Expression Graph identifies your temperament and can help you in determining the category of jobs (careers and occupations) you are best suited for

Your personalized numerology Pro Tips require an analysis of your full birth name and birthday. ** Your birthplace, birth time or social security number is never requested **  Upon receipt of payment, you will receive an email request for your full name as written on your birth certificate, the name you are most called by, and your birthday (format: June 08, 1979).


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