Personal Month 

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Some cyclical patterns powerfully influence your movement throughout your life, once you willingly accept and reasonably identify these remarkable occurrences, your year-on-year experiences are more sensible. Bear in mind, there are cycles within cycles, your Personal Year and Personal Month are one of many cycles happening simultaneously in your life.

To calculate your personal month number, you must know your personal year number then add it to the current calendar month number. Reduce the result to a single digit.

SEPTEMBER, Calendar Month 9


Personal Year 1.

September is your Personal Month 10.  A new beginning month in a new beginning year! Whatever transpires in September is a clear indicator of your new start. The remainder of this year will move rather fast; thus, prepare to be awfully busy for the rest of the year! Things temporarily ease up in November. Nevertheless, by March 2022, your life takes off in a completely different direction. You will be surprised at the direction your life takes. Remember a Personal1 in a Universal Year 5 means September 2021 – March 2022 is something you never ever anticipated! Regardless, know that whatever happens, your life will never be the same again. People usually make huge mistakes in their Personal Year 1. Life can be better if you make the right choices. Otherwise, look for something unfavorable to deter you from moving forward in a more positive direction. Even if you do nothing at all, in a Personal Year 1, change is a natural process. Stop looking around to see what everyone else is doing! This is a year for you to rock the boat – rise up – take a risk! There is an awesome opportunity waiting! Be sure to take heed of your Pinnacle; it will attest to where possible advantages can be gained. Warning, if you are in a Personal Year 1 and  Pinnacle 1,  your life changes suddenly in September 2021!

Personal Year 11/2.

September is your Personal Month 20/2. A month all about your relationships! Fair warning, in regards to partnerships, September is an action-packed month, a turning point in regards to a new or old partnership, marriage or business agreement. In September, there is a potential for simultaneous events that you didn't anticipate! Be mindful of the people you are around, the risk-taking activities you participate in, and surgeries, people tend to die suddenly in September of their Personal Year 11/2. In October 2021, more so than anyone else, you start to feel more hopeful about your future. But, don't get ahead of yourself, there's a considerable financial or health matter that you have to attend to in November. It'll take until February to iron out. Don't think negatively, the financial matters could be a partnership deal that requires you to go over legal matters and legal documents before signing. In December 2021 and again in February 2022, you will see the most impactful changes of the past two years. Be that as it may, you won't enjoy as much freedom in your 2022 Personal Year 3 as the people did in their 2021 Personal Year 3. More than likely in 2022, there's a housing, home, kid, parent, or marriage situation that you will have to juggle too. Nevertheless, you will have the resources and monies you need to improve the situation. In October, it is imperative that you pay attention to what you are doing. In 2021,  Personal Month 3 (October) can be dangerous because you are easily distracted. Auto accidents, fires, electrical cords, live electrical wires, and falls can cause serious injuries or death. 

Personal Year 3.

September is your Personal Month 12/3. The Personal Year 3 energy is the strongest in September. In all likelihood, since July you have been more than a bit lazy and aimless. Nevertheless, luck continues to be on your side! Everything will come together in very unexpected ways. Remarkable changes are happening for you, but you might not be ready for the bigness of things. Keep in mind, Personal Year 3 inflates and so, problems can enlarge too. Fortunately, in your Personal Year 3, the universe staves off negativity and adversity; as a consequence, you will not feel the enormity of your good or bad decisions until the early months of 2022. More importantly, budgets and schedules are trickier and more demanding in October 2021. You must get a handle on your time and money because, in 2022, there is less tolerance for laziness, disorganization, and financial mismanagement. It is imperative that you pay attention to what you are doing. In 2021 the Personal Month 3 (September) and Personal Month 5 (November) can be dangerous because you are easily distracted. Auto accidents, fires, electrical cords, live electrical wires, and falls can cause serious injuries or death. For you, December could introduce burdensome family, marriage, housing, health or money problems.

Personal Year 4.

September is your Personal Month 13/4. Ready yourself for hard work over long hours. If there is an annoying health problem that is slowly worsening, it'll rare its ugly head in September.  Also, keep in mind, there is a possibility of legal issues this year. Most likely having to do with mortgage or health insurance, divorce, a home purchase or sale, etc. Hang in there! You will begin feeling much freer in October 2021 and finally start to turn the page on this situation by May 2022. In the upcoming months. Rest assured that the changes you make in the coming months will improve the financial future for you and your family. Keep riding this year out! Even if a situation expands in August, there is still a ray of hope for improved circumstances. There's a problem or difficulty that must be overcome in September so, pay attention to what's developing in August because the situation can become colossal in September.

Personal Year 5.

September is your Personal Month 14/5. Hold your hat; the winds of change are blowing fiercely! Keep in mind, over the next four-month, very little goes as planned. Therefore, it is crucial for you to be flexible to respond to quickly altered circumstances. In September, you have to wash your hands of someone or be done with something. Because of this, and rather suddenly, by April 2022, an area of your life will shape up to be altogether different. Because of the ensuing Universal Year 6, there are typically many in a Personal Year 5 that are headed to a divorce court by March 2022. Of all the Personal Years, people in Personal Year 1 and Personal Year 5 typically make the most noticeable personal and professional changes. Something will max out in September and unfortunately in October, whatever this is will produce a considerable burden or a lot more responsibilities and accountability in the home, kids, marriage, or with family! Slow down and put your thinking cap on! The energy is ferocious from September to December 2021! Warning, you will have unplanned expenses in December. If you are in a Personal Year 5 and Pinnacle 5, September 2021 is an extremely unpredictable month of change.  

Personal Year 6.

September is your Personal Month 15/6. From September 2021 through March of 2022, housing, money health and/or family matters continue to be intense for you. Once again, September 2021 emphasizes matters related to kids, parents, marriage/divorce, pets, a love relationship, housing, the sale or possible purchase of a home, or re-establishing yourself in a new residence. October 2021 to December 2021 are emotionally draining months! Your expenses are higher in November. Because of the ensuing Universal Year 6, there are typically many in a Personal Year 6 that are headed to a divorce court or calling it quits with a lover by February 2022. In all reasonable probability, this year your decisions aren't well thought through. In 2021 you are impulsive, therein lie the problems. By February 2022, several possible things need to be amicably resolved. The considerable pressures in the coming months can cause you to be more stubborn, complaining, interfering, and argumentative. Of course, you are tired! Advice to you, try to keep control of your emotions, whatever is going on will wrap up in December. Many people unconsciously ruin their health during the last three months of Personal Year 6. October can be the first indicator of imminent health problems – don't overlook the signs! If there are pending legal affairs concerning taxes, a business contract, inheritance payment, new rental lease, or mortgage, the approval (not completion) will likely occur in October 2021.

Personal Year 7.

September is your Personal Month 16/7. An area of your life is steadily drawing to a close and so, there is an old and perhaps complex situation from as far back as 2019 or 2015 that is concluding. However, the situation won't finish off for another three years. First and foremost, remember Personal Year 7 is a  legal year and so taxes, outstanding debts, student loans, and other legal matters may surprisingly take priority in September. Forewarning, September 2021 to November 2021 are emotionally tough months. November might be the toughest month! More so than any other month, in November you start to realize that your life is transforming. There is a new chapter that is slowly unfolding and perhaps, not completely to your liking. If you used the energy at its best, you sat alone with yourself this year seeking answers to a better way of life. December 2021 and February 2022 are tremendously busy months, for this obvious reason, for the remainder of this year, keep on top of your health! Your expenses are much higher in October. What's more, October and November increase the chances for strange injuries and accidents, particularly on the road or in the home. 

Personal Year 8.

September is your Personal Month 17/8. September is a vitally important month for you! October 2020 up until now has been wonderful for recognition, business, and money. Life has really progressed nicely financially for you since February 2021. Even so, since 2020, this nine-year cycle is steadily drawing to a close! In August, you probably started feeling the stress of something impossible to avoid. As often as not, there's karma in September – you reap what you have sown. Also, your expenses are higher than usual in September. If you have amassed too much debt to merely satisfy your ego, there's a price to pay now. For a very small few, September is the most rewarding month in the past few years. Sudden events will change your life around for the better. Moreover, October Personal Month 9 is a lead-in to 2022 your Personal Year 9. Your gut feelings are accurate, there's something you must let go of between October 2021 and October 2022. It could be a lifestyle that has to go or you must change the structure or place of a business! There is a surprising adjustment that needs to be made in September. If you properly used your cycles, in 2020, you should have spent some time contemplating a few viable options for your career, business, or place of residence. If you did, any necessary changes moving forward will merely require minor adjustments because you have already through things. Without a doubt, in November you have to make new arrangements, perhaps living arrangements. Quite often between July of the Personal Year 8 and February of the Personal Year 9, there is a change in residence or career. Like it or not, in the next twelve months, something HAS to change! Fair warning, December, Universal Month 8 is unpredictable and if not careful, will likely lead to a bad outcome. Don't ignore the facts! The chief danger of Personal Year 8 is typically a wounded ego that overshadows common sense so, it's easy to find your back up against the wall by February 2022. August 2021 through to October 2022 is likely stressful. Also, be mindful of the fact the Personal Year 9 is rarely an easy year for anyone. If you haven't already, spend time figuring out how to get back your happiness. If the way things are is working for you, don't change a thing! The Universe knows exactly what you need to change and knows how to encourage you to change. If you are in a Personal Year 8 and  Pinnacle 8, September is your Personal Month 8. Proceed with caution!

Personal Year 9.

September is your Personal Month 18/9. The pressures of what is ending can be unbearable and emotional. You WILL be frustrated in September and that's okay, but don't become belligerent or allow the situation to affect your health. More essentially, no matter how unhappy you are in September, hold off making any major decisions or changes until October 2021, at the very least the final week of September. In late September or early October, life will begin to smooth out. Anything that has been stalled will suddenly and surprisingly move forward. September is one of the most emotional and unpredictable months this year. It is time for you to consider a different direction, the direction you have gone in for nine years is no longer a viable option. If there's something that keeps holding you back, allow the Universe to guide you. Go with the flow of things instead of fighting against the changes you need to make! If you flow naturally with the energy of the year, you will be pleasantly surprised as to what's on the other side of the door. Take that gamble! One small change can give impressive results! August through to December have the potential to bring about a sudden loss; the loss of a loved one, job loss, health, car, divorce, a home foreclosure, etc. Watch your moods and your words, your words are likely cutting and your actions revolting. As often as not, in September or November, people's words and actions inadvertently cause a job or relationship to end. If you are in a Personal Year 9 and Pinnacle 9, September will most certainly result in a loss or some area of life that requires considerable adjustments.  


The following monthly forecast merely identifies the general patterns of instinctive behavior traditionally identified through numerology. For accuracy of expression and more individual details consult