The Road To Becoming Who You Are

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The Road To Becoming Who You Are

It is wonderful that more people want to live a more purposeful life! After years of seeking, you have finally awakened to the fact that you have no responsibility to do what other people think and expect you to do! Living a PURPOSEFUL life gives you permission to follow your heart, accept who you are and love what you do and not be affected by what others say. WHO YOU ARE IS OKAY!  That being said, to live a purposeful life, you have to know why you are here, what are you called to do and what talents you have.


The Ultimate Goal Number is the secret to living life with Purpose!


Your ULTIMATE GOAL is made up of two of the most important numbers in your Blueprint, your PYTHAGOREAN EXPRESSION (your life's true calling), LIFE NUMBER (your deep innate nature, natural talents, predominate state of mind, your motivation, and cosmic heritage). Implanted in the Life Number is your Achievement Number,  something that you desire to attain, or accomplish in life, a mission that you are intensely driven and aggressive about achieving. Most numerologists refer to the Ultimate Goal as your Power Number, Reality Number, and some refer to the Ultimate Goal number as the Life Number. 


A small number of people instinctively know what they are meant to do, but most people don’t have a clue, and that’s ok! 


Moreover, how you achieve your Ultimate Goal in life will vary at different times in your life. Nevertheless, this number is indeed the clue to achieving your greatest successes in life. When your life finally has a purpose, you can look forward to a happier and more fulfilling way of life.


Keep in mind, you don't have to rush, there are exciting milestones but no fixed date - the most important thing is to fulfill your divine purpose, it's not when - it's that. 


If you have no idea what you are here to do, your Ultimate Goal reveals what you hunger for in this lifetime. Even if your Ultimate Goal number is unknown; you will naturally feel the influence of the Ultimate Goal. Take some time to think about what fascinates you, eventually you will discover where your passion, skills, and knowledge will get the best results. So if you wonder why you chose to do this or that, it's your inner ego calling you to specific jobs, people, places and hobbies; and also why you are driven to achieve in a particular area. It’s the mysterious sway of your Ultimate Goal beaconing you to follow a specific path in life and to do what you are called to do with the inherent gifts you have been given. 


You may be unsure of how why you have an urge to do what you do, why you meet the people you meet and why the many experiences you have seem to shape your life ultimately. You may not even know what you should be doing, but you know that you need to be doing something purposeful. That's because, your Soul has mastered the truths of how important it is for you to contribute to the world at large, and knows that you are put on this Earth to do something purposeful.


Whether you acknowledge it or not, the vibration of your Ultimate Goal is felt all through your life and gets exceptionally stronger by roughly age 45, or your Third Pinnacle. The Third Pinnacle is when you typically align with the consciousness of your higher self. Moreover, usually, as you approach age 55, there are perhaps unanticipated minor or significant changes, in your professional life that forces you to realign with new realities.


The Third Pinnacle is usually the time when you strive to make up for ‘lost’ time, thus, begin to take baby steps toward living a more meaningful, purposeful life.


Living a purposeful life is a great accomplishment because it permits you to love what you do and gives you a definite aim and a stronger desire to contribute something of substance to the world. However, to live a purposeful life, you have to know why you are here and what gifts you have to work with. Again, your Ultimate Goal number holds the secret which is often instinctively known early in life by only a few people.


The nerve-racking pull, heaviness, and career anxieties are intended to make you aware that you Are Not living a purposeful life.


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Purposeful Living 


As you grow older, there is a greater need to clean out an old way of life. Unfortunately, at many points along your journey through life, the clearing out of an old way of life will happen involuntarily. Whatever happens, knowing your Ultimate Goal number will help you understand the reason why you wake up each morning. Most importantly, what to do to forge ahead in the spiritual direction of your true calling which will ultimately bring about a more delightsome and rewarding life here on earth and perhaps, the greatest, and most satisfying career success in your lifetime!