(2000-2999) Shared

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Joint, mutual, united, unified, intermix, bipartisan, merger, harmony, networking, pooled are some of the words that are descriptive of Number 2

By design for 999 years (2000-2999) shared is a way of life.


2020 is a turning point, a year which is strengthened by two zeros; the energy of the year is synonymous with words described by 2


Shared will gain even more momentum. An example is shared lodgings, Airbnb was founded in 2008. Flickr founded in 2004 is an example of shared online storage and photo. iCloud, cloud storage, and cloud computing services to share and send data.

2020 - 2029 is integral to shared space concepts, pooled resources, working together, peace agreements, civil rights and the economic advancement of women. During this period there is also an emphasis on the economic rebuilding of local communities.