Solar Eclipse
19°47′ Gemini 

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On Thursday, June 10, 2021, in this 2021 Univeral year 5 of change, unexpectedness, and realization, there is an annular solar eclipse at 19°47′ Gemini. writes, "The solar eclipse June 2021 astrology is influenced by fixed stars that give self-confidence and courage, but also a tendency toward recklessness, belligerence, and treachery. What is most needed in the months ahead is caution and honesty."
Susan Miller writes, "The years that hold eclipses in your sign or rising sign will be vital for you and trigger fascinating turning points. "

This year can bring about changes that you didn't wish for so, it is best to be in the driver's seat, the one making the decisions! 

What's your wish? All things are possible in 2021!  June through to September is an excellent four-month period to turn over a new leaf or to diligently work to change something about your life that is no longer working or healthy for you. This June new moon has incredible power! If you courageously and relentlessly pursue your goals, within six to nine months you are guaranteed results! 

Allow the new moon to open doors for you!


This is a time of awakening a time to dig deep, to understand your soul's purpose for being here. It's time to be truthful with yourself and then have faith and tireless devotion to change your life for the better. What you earnestly seek WILL come to pass!  In all probability, what you manifest might be shocking; and burdensome nevertheless, what you wished for will change your life for the better.