Numerology: Suffering Is Part Of Ego Sacrifice

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community-driven, collaborative efforts, crowdfunding, unity, joint ventures, gender-neutral, mergers, sisterhoods, media conglomerations, "shared" office spaces

The numeric standpoint at is that the 2020s is a turn of the tide, a critical period in social evolution and advancement of civilization. As mentioned in a previous posting, "Shared, "synergistic endeavors gain ground and bring change for the better. We will see the "shared" services market grow quickly. 2 is nostalgic, emotional about the past so I foresee timesharing in which multiple parties hold rights to use the property rising from the ashes in a different and improved form. According to Wiki, the term "timeshare" was coined in the United Kingdom in the early 1960s and the first timeshare in the United States was started in 1974, 45-years ago. 


Appears as if the current "shared" concept developed rapidly at the dawning of the 21st Century.


That said, worldwide we will begin to see and hear considerable highly favorable changes in 2024. My numeric opinion is that 2024 is also probably the jumping-off point for cryptocurrency. And in 2030 there are substantial advancements, and modernization is well on its way. In 2030, a few new enterprises ad digital currency will likely come to fruition. People are extremely optimistic as seeds that were sown in the past, gain or profit financially!


is karmic and intense, it raises our spiritual consciousness and forces us to let go of whatever our ego is tied to!


From 2016 - 2025, our divine existence, state of grace is the only thing we'll have to cling to because to a great extent, our priorities, values, and the physical world where we live, work and play are being altered. The framework of society, old institutions and methods, resources and global influences are on their last leg, and life, as we have come to know, is imploding. Everything happening is for our collective betterment. What no longer serves humankind's highest purpose, ultra-conservatism and backward-looking are did away with. Secrets aren't safe and so, many filthy rich will suffer as a result of some choices. Suppressed, old emotional wounds float up so you can put an end to unwholesome behaviors and mindsets. Connections, people and organizations reach a parting of the ways and due to natural disasters, neighborhoods are wiped off the map.


2026 and 2027 are groundbreaking years!


2026-2034 are risk-taking, enterprising, high pressure, entrepreneurial, commercial, trendsetting, expansionism years. Folks in 1, 5 or 7 Cycles and folks with a 1, 5 or 7 Pythagorean Expression, Soul Urge or Ultimate Goal will gloat about the Directive Cycle from 2026-2034.