The "Mother" Year


Take heed of the Universal Year Number. The Universal Year number reveals the type of changes and the areas in which collectively, there is a great deal of focus during the calendar year.


Master 22 is embodied in 2022; per the rules of numerology, 2022 is a Universal Year 24/6, NOT a Universal Year 6. Compound number years are more powerful. Furthermore, with four 2's; brought to view in 2022 are feminine qualities and attributes.


By nature, 6 is humanitarian; at the same time, it is less concerned with international affairs and more concerned with the affairs and wellbeing of its own family, kids, neighborhood, community, and country.

In 2022, every nation has a heightened concern with long-term security.

Smiling Teens


The largest component of 24 is the 6. The 2 energy infers that bipartisanship, diplomacy, peace and harmony, teamwork, cooperation, and feminine modesty are requisites during the year. The 4 energy infers staying power, hard work, patience, common sense, and economizing are also requisites of 2022. 


Moreover, there are three twos in the year 2022. This indicates that relationships, partnerships, groups and others that are working together for a common goal will play a substantial role during the year.


Additionally, the rise of the divine feminine is very apparent in 2022. With women on the rise; it follows that in 2022 a more feminine approach to leadership is increasingly more apparent. Greater in importance is that the 2020s decade will give birth to a new type of leadership that is cooperative, tolerant, gentle, tactful, diplomatic, and non-confrontational. Leadership that is always aiming to bring peace and balance to every situation. Midway through the 2020s decade, the division among people, political parties and nations will slowly start to taper off.


In 2021, 5 Borns and people in 5 Cyles are more apt to experience unexpected change. More often than not, the susceptibility for major changes increases in April 2021,  May 2021 and again between September 2021 and February 2022.


Similarly, in 2022, 6 Borns and people in 6 Cyles are more apt to experience family and household changes or changes with their health or the health of a loved one.  More often than not, the susceptibility for major changes increases for you in March 2022, April 2022 and again between September 2022 and February 2023.

For everyone in 2022, 6 prophecies considerable involvement with family, children, grandchildren, housing, friends, a companion, elderly kinfolk, your health or that of a family member. 6 also prophesies considerable affairs and involvement within one's own neighborhood, administrative district, special-interest groups, community or country.

Always Be Mindful of Your Personal Year