Time To Think About Success

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Self-employment rates are increasing as more people are giving up working for someone else.


Sometimes you simply need a green, yellow, or red light.  

  • Yes, PROCEED!

  • Life is getting ready to change, it's time to be CAUTIOUS! 

  • STOP; give more thought to what you want to do!


It’s a great time to start a business — especially if you are a woman.

I launched a business only to find out later that my numerology blueprint indicated that I would have three unpredictable financial years ahead. I sincerely wish I had received my private consultation before I signed the lease agreement. 


Time To Think About Success


For someone like myself who is at a crossroads, this is extremely helpful. And the timeline of 3 years helps me to really plan ahead and be ready to take advantage of opportunities in the future!

The world at large is moving towards the most massive economic crisis in almost a century. Often, jobs are eliminated because the company is running out of money or for organizational reasons that have nothing to do with your skillsets or performance. Don't lose confidence in yourself! The universe will consistently keep you on a more purposeful path so, the loss of your job isn't random, nor is the nagging desire to change your career direction. 


Unquestionably the terrible economic conditions have and will undoubtedly continue to powerfully affect people adversely, but it's never all. For some people, the economic downturn is money from heaven. Take, for example, the Clorox company. In May, Clorox had an impressive 31% increase in quarterly net earnings per share. The pandemic produced an urgent demand for their products as consumers gravitated toward disinfecting products. 


If you believe in divine will, what's happening right now in your life is supposed to happen!


Landing a new job might be a little more challenging, but in the coming years, there are fantastic opportunities for career growth. That is - if you are willing to challenge yourself to do something unfamiliar. Be realistic because, without a doubt, you could forge ahead in a particular direction and then have to change directions again.


  • Is your lifelong dream to be an entrepreneur?

  • Are you getting signs that you should leave your job or change directions? 

  • Have you recently been laid off?

It’s usually after, life takes an unexpected turn that you decide to, Restart your life! Before, reinventing yourself, purchase this concise 1,190-word summary numerology report that provides a brief three-year assessment of the numbers in your Blueprint. RESTART is principally for individuals earnestly desiring to become self-employed, an independent contractor and also concerned individuals who desperately need a thumbnail sketch of what's ahead. 

* If your goal is to moderately improve your work-life balance, think twice before voluntarily resigning from a full-time job to become self-employed.   

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