Work-Partners for Business

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Having good partnership relationships is core to the success of any business. Business partnerships involve two or more people coming together to form a business of some kind. The partners will generally pool their money and talents together to meet the company's business needs.


Pricing contingent on the number of business partners.

Every potential partner has a stake in the ultimate success of the business! Each person contributes their talents, experience, and point of view on how to achieve the shared goals.  

This 20+ page business consultation is uniquely designed to help business partners to identify the strengths, weaknesses,  and circumstances that can make progress difficult. Included are the distinct personalities of each of the partners and how each partner can potentially contribute creatively and intellectually to the business team.

Keep in mind, when you enter a business partnership, success is reflected through the executive teams' cycles. What has unquestionably proven accurate is that people rise and fall with their cycles. In consideration of that, this business consultation reliably identifies each partner's potential five-year financial trend and near-term mental and emotional state. 


Discover whether or not each key partner naturally has the extraordinary persistence, necessary patience, and evident determination to contribute positively to the success of the business.


What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of a Partnerships